LOOV Wild Blueberry Juice Organic, 500 ml

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  • ✅ Our organic wild blueberry juice is made from wild blueberries (V. myrtillus, bilberries) with a high anthocyanin content and a deep source of polyphenols and four times more antioxidants than cultivated blueberries. Which is why wild blueberries are considered to be the most potent food in the world, giving us that extra nutrition that cultivated blueberries can’t
  • ✅ 500 ml bottle of organic wild blueberry juice = 1,1 kg of fresh wild blueberries. The organic bilberry juice is cold pressed directly from fresh organic wild bilberries and then lightly pasteurized, no concentrate is used! The organic juice is unfiltered and therefore contains berry pulp
  • ✅ Organic bilberry juice is purple or dark violet in colour. Unlike cultivated blueberries (V. angustifolium, V. corymbosum), wild blueberries are dark blue both on the outside and in. Because of the berry’s antioxidant content, their flesh is fruity and violet. Wild blueberries contain several times more flavonoids and four times as much anthocyanin than cultivated blueberries
  • ✅ P.S. It’s sour! To keep the juice in its healthiest form, we don’t add any sugar or water to it. So it’s supposed to taste quite sour because that’s the berry’s natural taste! Feel free to dilute it with water or add a sweetener to appeal to your taste buds
  • ✅ All our berries are handpicked and wild-crafted from Nordic forests. 65% of Finland is covered with forests and it has a great number of organic forest berry areas. Wild-crafted wild organic blueberries grown in Northern countries form high levels of antioxidants

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Organic wild blueberry juice

organic blueberries

Loov organic blueberry juice pouring into a glass.

plant based super food

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100% organic wild blueberry juice from whole berries sourced from certified organic forests in Estonia and/or Finland, and nothing else.

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10 reviews for LOOV Wild Blueberry Juice Organic, 500 ml

  1. Amazon Customer

    Keeps well for a long time if you store it in the fridge

  2. Jay5

    Absolutely delicious, healthy & organic blueberry juice. It can be used in shakes, yoghurts, cereals, and an areay of deserts & dishes.I like mine added to water as a vitamin top up especially during winter, perfect. I highly recommemd both the juice and the seller.

  3. anthony haynes

    Loved everything, it’s expensive but you get what you pay for…..

  4. Libbie

    This is absolutely delicious great on its own or diluted if you prefer.Definitely recommend if you love wild blueberries!

  5. André

    Mostly just the title but I know most shoppers here are old people and people looking for the tl;dr (too long didn’t read) so the tl;dr is:Very “strong” taste – do not purchase if you’re expecting the super-market bought blueberry taste. Yes it is technically worth the price. No it’s not really something your kids could have for school or something like that. Yes there is a taste.More comments:It is EXTREMELY dense. Not thick like a smoothie but dense as in this is actually, as far as I can tell atleast, 100% juice from the berry – hence the price. I had it in a small glass and out of curiosity I shone my phone’s light through the bottom up and literally no light penetrated to the surface.These are not BLUEBERRIES as you know them. These are wild EUROPEAN blueberries – not the mass-cultivated blueberries that we (hopefully) all know and love which are packed with sugars from selective breeding. There IS a sweetness to it but its pretty subtle and if you live on sugars then you will BARELY taste it. But believe me if you do a sugar-free diet for as little as a week or two you will taste it (and you’ll also crave bananas the whole time haha).The taste is something I would call and describe as “an extremely strong and under-ripe blueberry” a point to note is that its ALMOST sour but I wouldn’t really refer to it as such, imo it’s best consumed in small quantities to make it last and I wouldn’t recommend you get this for kids due to the quantity and the price.There is a good reason for the price and the quantity of course – the pros and cons are pretty clear but this is honestly more of a middle-class luxury item than it is a general-consumer’s item.Lastly on these “it has no taste!!” comments; I believe they’re referring to the fact that it doesn’t taste like the “normal” blueberries? So no, don’t pay attention to those (or do, you’re an adult.) because either they don’t understand that there is a difference between the European blueberry and the one that is cultivated pretty much all over the world – they have the great cough of ’19 and their tastebuds are gone – they’re too old to taste a CLEARLY VERY STRONG I ALMOST CRINGED WHEN I TASTED IT FOR THE FIRST TIME taste – OR they’re too used to sugary items and can’t appreciate low-sugar items anymore, which is probably the saddest one but honestly the reality that our children and their children will live in very soon.

  6. Amazon Customer

    Use for my medical medium as the American version is expensive to ship here does the job

  7. miss t malhotra

    This juice is great for what it is but if like me you’re following the medical medium information and wanting this for your heavy metal detox smoothie then this is not the wild blueberry juice that medical medium is talking about, this is bilberry juice! check the small print on the ingredients label. i used this for ages thinking it was the right stuff and wondered why my healing was super slow etc, in January 2024 i switched to frozen wild blueberries as i couldn’t get hold of the right juice and suddenly loads of symptoms that i’d been struggling with just disappeared, unbelievable. Also just heard that Wymans is now going to be available in the UK through Amazon, hooray!!!!!

  8. Jinty

    We drink a small amount every day – delicious

  9. AFM

    I hope the new bottle design is better! The old bottle leaked horribly after pouring.This is very good, and tastes great! I mix with my adrenal cocktail each day. Coconut water, quality salt, lemon juice, and a splash of this!

  10. Fe

    Too pricey for the size.

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