Na’vi Organics Raw Barley Grass Juice Powder

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  • Cleansing, nourishing, alkalising, healing and beautifying: Our Barley Grass Juice Powder is a powerful green burst of essential and organic vitamins, minerals, proteins, enzymes and chlorophyll
  • Highest concentration of nutrients: The fresh young barley grass in our juice powder is harvested just before its 2nd phase of growth to ensure the purest, most vitalising, gluten-free juice powder
  • Experience the difference: Compared to standard barley grass powders, our cold-pressed juice powder is cellulose-free, to enhance focus, clarity and emotional wellness whilst boosting energy levels
  • Promote wellness from the inside out: Our barley grass juice powder is rich in mineral salts and chlorophyll, for a nutrient-dense and organic detoxifying supplement
  • Supercharge your diet: Easily dissolves in water for a quick immune-boosting shot, plus add to smoothies, salad dressings or raw recipes to benefit from all 20 amino acids for optimal hormonal health

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Product Description

Na'vi Organics Grass Juice Powders

Our grass juice powders are naturally high in vitamins, enzymes, chlorophyll, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, beta-carotene and other antioxidants, making them ideal for nutritional supplementation. They are all supplied in dark glass containers and are absolutely free of any additives and fillers, synthetic ingredients, preservatives, flours and other bulking agents, gmo’s, dairy and gluten.

The grasses used for our juice powders are grown on organic farms in Utah, USA, on some of the richest soils in the the world; located on an ancient seabed, these fields contain sediment deposited by this former body of water, combined with the evaporating runoff from a watershed of millions of acres of wilderness.

To maintain this unique and powerful nutritional value, our grass juice powders are created using a proprietary ambient spray-drying process that results in a completely raw powder with virtually no degradation of color, flavor, aroma, enzymes and nutrition.

  • Superior Raw 100% Juice Powder with a vivid, chlorophyll-rich green color, and fresh aroma and taste that speaks for itself.
  • Completely Gluten Free, due to only young grass shoots being harvested.
  • In contrast to other wheat grass juice powders in the market, absolutely no fillers, sweeteners, carriers or other unwanted additives
  • Complete source of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and chlorophyll
  • Enzymatically bioactive to spark healthy metabolic function
  • Rich source of chlorophyll, a traditional blood cleanser and builder

Organically Certified Young Grass Shoots

Organically Grown Young Grass Shoots

Our organic farms in the ancient sea bed of Utah’s desert mean our grasses are grown on some of the richest soils on earth and are harvested at the very zenith of their nutritional potential.

They are then immediately and carefully juiced and dried under very low temperatures, removing all of the impossible to digest cellulose that our stomachs were simply not designed to handle (we aren’t cows or horses after all!), while preserving all the good stuff.

Effortless to use - Just mix with water or juice!

Effortless to use – Just mix with water or juice!

Our grass juice powders are dried through Bioactive Dehydration, a process that is so gentle, when our powders are reconstituted in water, it is as though you are drinking fresh grass juice!

As the powder is pure dehydrtated juice, it dissolves completely in water and other liquids… so you can easily enjoy all the nutritional benefits of these potent grasses easily.

Tasty and easy to Drink or Eat

Tasty and easy to Drink or Eat

The ancient sea bed of Utah’s desert has a rare abundance of trace minerals and grows extraordinarily vital cereal grasses. BioActive dehydration preserves the integrity of the grass juice in comparison to typical freeze drying, providing you with the full array of enzymes and nutrition abundant in fresh juice, which means the powders taste alive and fantasic, whether you are adding to liquids or sprinkling on food.

100% Gluten Free

100% Gluten Free

Gluten in wheat and barley is only found in the grain and not the grass. Our grass juice powders are produced from the young grass shoots… very early in their life cycle, a long time before they come to the point of forming the grains. This means that there is no gluten in the grass when it is harvested and juiced, and therefore none in the end product.

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Organic Raw Barley Grass JUICE Powder

10 reviews for Na’vi Organics Raw Barley Grass Juice Powder

  1. Katie smith

    Nice product

  2. Cygfa

    Have been using this product for some time (I listened to a nutritional doctor saying that he uses this a multivitamin tonic), adding it to various other healthy powders mixed with a little grenadine syrup and water. Increasingly transitioning out of the need for sugar to make healthy stuff palatable, I remembered a YT video where I watched a nutritional doctor speak about the most effective way to ingest grass juice…which he said was to keep it in the back of the mouth for a few seconds before swallowing, something to do with the epithelial cells there being the best place to absorb the nutrients. This moring after breakfast I mixed a tea spoon in a small amount of water – takes a bit of perseverance with the stirring but once done, the solution holds and can be sipped in a relaxed manner. Have to say I didn’t find it was an awful taste, you just get the green taste of the vegetation. I think that this stuff in the diet along with turmeric added to food – there are lot of YT videos on this also, plus Glutatine (for leaky gut this is a must) in a solution sipped after dinner (I find that overnight any detoxing through the skin is more gentle and low key – being spotty is something I like to manage) are great healing tools for the gut (I have a damaged and therefore sensitve gut). Without a healthy gut, all the healty food in the world is limited in effect.

  3. mr g ker

    I liked everything about this product regarding it’s benefits, taste and quality. The only downside is being unable to order the larger size with subscribe and save therefore more value for money

  4. Edy

    I love this superfood! It taste really good and fresh. It last for long time and I love that you don’t have to use a lot to reap amazing benefits.I will buy it again and recommend to everyone.This superfood is a life saver (literally)!Thank you so much 😊

  5. Sandra

    Bying for more then a year this product, very high quality and taste when compared to other companies. Does not irritate throat and taste excellent when squeezed fresh lemon juice into it.

  6. Amazon Customer

    First up, the only reason that I have rated this 4 stars rather than 5 is that the flavour is a bit quirky for me. I wouldn’t say it’s delicious, it reminds me more of low alcohol beers like Kaliber for some reason, but the whole idea is that this is good for you so I treat this as an essential thing to do. The product is well packaged and the order arrived promptly, so no complaints there. It may be only 100g but that’s quite a few teaspoons so this will last me for a while. I shall get used to the flavour over time and look forward to enjoying the benefits of this product,

  7. Kaitlyn

    If you are looking for barley grass juice powder specifically, this is personally the best one I have found so far. I drink it daily and buy it monthly. Its fair for the price, anything cheaper would not be barley grass juice it would be barley grass and many companies even put barley grass juice on the packet when the product is literally barley grass. Theres no additives, chemicals, toxins in this. This is my go to for my daily supply of barley grass juice. Thanks na’vi for helping keep me healthy 💪

  8. Amazon Customer

    I started using Na`vi Organics Barley Grass Juice powered to help control rheumatoid arthritis and have now been taking this for over a month. After a couple of weeks I noticed changes and have now been able to almost stop taking anti inflammatory pharma drugs, hoping that continued use and good diet will eventually lead to no pharma drugs at all. Other benefits are hair, nails and skin in better condition and general mood much improved.Excellent quality that dissolves easily and very palatable, can be taken in just plane water, I have tried a few brands and this one is by far the best, definitely recommend!

  9. JR

    Seems to have helped with menopausal symptoms. I’ve run out and noticed a worsening again of hot flushes. It’s easy to use, but I recommend shaking the mixture after adding it to water to get it to blend properly. Can be mixed with yogurt in a blender. I find the packaging makes it tricky to get at the contents when it’s getting low. The product description shows a jar and a pack but it comes in a resealable foil pouch. The powder gets trapped on the seal over time and closure gets harder as the pack is used up.

  10. Rachael Q

    Love this barley grass juice powder, very good quality and tastes nice. I use it with spirulina in smoothies to get rid of heavy metals.

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